We provide fully white-labelled worldwide shipping. All outgoing orders have tracking, delivery confirmation, and optional insurance.

Shipping and Returns

International shipping policy

Shipping time for most countries usually takes between 5-10 business days.

If you have been waiting to receive your order longer than 14 business days please contact us and we will be able to help you.

Please provide full address including postcode, mobile phone number, and a valid email. The delivery companies need to reach you to arrange delivery to your place.

Shipping charges will be calculated and will be sent by email for your approval within 2-3 business days. Orders will not be shiped without your approval.

Shipments can be done from our main gallery/office in Bali, Indonesia, France, or Russia defense where is the painting.

We inform you that transport and processing delays can happen at any time because of Covid-19. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


Shipping of unframed paintings / rolled in a tube 

Unframed paintings are shipped rolled up inside a hard tube.

This is a safe way to transport a painting.  The canvas is carefully rolled up and placed inside a hard tube and well sealed.

The Certificate of Authenticity is always present rolled up inside the tube. You find it when you unroll the painting.


Shipping of stretched and framed paintings ready to hang. 

Framed paintings are shipped inside a well-packed cardboard box or a wooden crate. The method of packaging depends on the size of the painting. We use special hard and soft packaging materials to ensure secure delivery. Select this method of delivery if you wish to hang the painting as soon as it’s delivered. We also can recommend this method of shipment for some artworks if they contain hard or fragile elements that may be damaged when sent rolled in a tube.


Certificate of Authenticity

The Certificate of Authenticity is always present on the rear side of the painting attached to the canvas.
All stretched paintings come with sides painted as a continuation of the painting. This way you do not need an additional decorative frame and can enjoy the painting right away.

Import duties and taxes

We do not cover import duties and taxes related to the import of the painting. Such taxes are the responsibility of the customer. We recommend checking with the customs of your country to estimate the amount of the duty or if any taxes apply. However, we can offer a discount for the next purchase as compensation for the tax payment. The discount amount is individual. Contact us before making the next purchase with a copy of the tax payment receipt for more information.

The declared value for customs is the full payment value of your transaction. If you want us to declare a smaller value of your item, please contact us before purchase.


Payment can be made via PayPal or an international Bank transfer. We will provide you with an invoice and the all necessary information for payment, depending on the method you prefer.



We want you to be happy with the artwork that you buy, so we are ready to show you the painting in the best way possible before you buy it with photos and videos. But if for any reason after delivery is done you are not satisfied with your purchase we do not accept returns. That’s why to be sure before purchase.

On the rare occasion if your order was delivered damaged, please contact us with upload images of damage and official complaint letter to the delivery company and we will be able to help from there.

Always feel free to contact us with any questions.

Shipping and Returns
Shipping and Returns
Shipping and Returns
Shipping and Returns
shipping and returns
shipping and returns