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raw art gallery

“Morgan de toi and Morgan”

acrylic and collage on canvas-55x70cm each

Accompanied by the lyrics that helped inspire the work, these paired pieces appear like a diptych — each fulfilling the other. The counterbalanced colors present a narrative of change but also coming together. Renaud whose words have inspired me so many times. Words are so simple and so true…

raw art gallery


acrylic and collage on canvas-120x150cm

Here, the character Charlie is given flight on shining wings. Like a seraph wheeling upwards toward heaven, the doggie character reveals himself as an eternal being, able to capture the magic of life and hold it without grasping. The title gives us another clue to the message, that even the briefest moments can be cherished forever.

raw art gallery


acrylic and collage on paper-55x70cm

Sometimes Charlie gets this amazing vision of a green room, this deep barrel, and yes it’s definitely easier when you live alone with your creator in the middle of jungles somewhere in Pavones for few months…

raw art gallery

“Wild vision”

acrylic and collage on paper-60x80cm

Most of us have a different view on things, different perception of life.
Charlie has a very wild vision, you can see it in his eyes and he doesn’t hide it. He is happy to share it with us. Open your eyes to see wilder!

raw art gallery

“The deep blue healing your soul”

acrylic and collage on paper-50x65cm

Charlie also love the deep blue. He also finds his balance there, his équilibre, like me !
Charlie and I are very similar in many ways. We need this balance to be alive and creative.

raw art gallery


acrylic and collage on canvasr-120x150cm

One of my best studio ever with a great and beautiful Art director in Miami Beach. Exactly in this period of time, I realized that Charlie needs some large space to be in life, and I need to be in peace to make him alive. Many beautiful paintings were created at that time…

raw art gallery


acrylic and collage on paper-45x60cm

This portrait speaks some tale of travel, communion with others on the road, the limitless possibilities for the pilgrim who takes those steps into the unknown. The radiant composition and warm, earthy browns combine excitement with coziness. A promise of comfort on the road. Mr. Palmer is Charlie traveler, Charlie explorer, Charlie without limit in this world. Everything is possible at any time…

raw art gallery


acrylic and collage on paper-55x70cm

A whirring creature, haunted by the vision of an ocean vortex, this doggie is always in search of her true self. Inside this search lies the contradiction that produces action and art: to join the heat of the big city or the cool breeze of far off places.

raw art gallery


acrylic and collage on canvas-55x75cm

This doggie, named Charlie, stares out into the world, ready to take on whatever challenge lies ahead. As Darwin would say, it isn’t your strength or intelligence but your ability to flow with changes that lead to survival. And one can’t help but see a hint of a self-portrait of the artist in this powerful work.

raw art gallery

“On the other side of the purple soul”

acrylic and collage on canvas-85x65cm

This work celebrates the freedom and passion of the international pop superstar Prince. The composition begins to break away into writing and collage, a physical representation of the living memory of the subject.

raw art gallery

“The Prince”

acrylic and collage on paper-55x70cm

This surreal portrait of Prince as one of Zoellin’s personages is a tribute to an artist without pretense or peer. A master of music as well as the art of public image, Prince stands here in pieces put together around a frame — a deconstruction that allows us to see something new that we never noticed before.

raw art gallery

“En attendant la lumiere”

acrylic and collage on paper-60X80cm

Some people born with the light On, like Prince. How is it possible to have so much talent in only one person?
We are definitely not all equal. Charlie is happy because he can embody all of his favorite characters forever.

raw art gallery

“Purple rain”

acrylic and collage on paper-55x80cm

This work features the musical phenomenon Prince in action. With one eye illustrated using Prince’s signature and a tattoo speaking the traits of the pop star, here the doggie is completely empowered by the art of another.

raw art gallery


acrylic and collage on paper-55x70cm

A glistening, golden world surrounds the doggie Charlie, who is built out of plain brown pieces. This image shows the character adorned, not by jewelry or any other expensive luxury good, but by existence itself. All around there are rubies and emeralds and gold leafing, as long as you are able to hold them up to the light and see things as they truly are.

raw art gallery

“No problem with me”

acrylic and collage on paper-40x55cm

This neon-colored doggie wags in the face of adversity. With hints of mental health themes and zen’s quiet answer to modern life lurking underneath, the work stands in tension with itself. It moves and barks and, maybe, laughs. We can almost see the inner thoughts of the doggie, thoughts that are always the battleground between inner peace and inner struggle.

raw art gallery


acrylic and collage on paper-60x75cm

Made up of the namesake’s comic strips, this is a doggie portrait that connects to another of Zoellin’s fascinations, Heroes in Art. The subject is emboldened by the tales of Tintin’s heroism, and he is able to stand and face the world bravely. This is a story of inspiration and how heroes can help us discover our own strength.

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