Robot Art Gallery

Robot paintings

Everything is energy!

“Electric boogaloo”

acrylic and collage on wood with antique metal frame-180x100cm

These robots were created under the very special DJ’s tracks of Isaak Chamber. Music is one of the biggest influences on all of us. Sometimes I feel myself dissolve into these sounds and the result can be unexpected. This work of art is one of the more crowded scenes in the Robots series, this piece merges animal forms with the robot theme. Whether part bat or owl or both, these robots are perched in a line, looking out from their world of scattershot color. Grouped tightly inside a bold frame, they exude an enthusiasm that breaks out of the canvas.

“So much Universe and so little time”

acrylic and collage on paper - 65x80cm

This psychedelic robot portrait explodes the series’ character into the cosmic realm. Beaming out its signal into the far recesses of space, this light fantastic machine goes always farther.
So much universe and so little time… Or maybe the opposite who knows?

“Rushing machine”

acrylic and collage on canvas - 120x180cm

We need a rush. Different rush for different people, but always need some… Don’t rush me for tears and suffering. Rush me for laugh and happiness! Rushing machine can analyze what you need and when you need it…
DREAM BIGGER to make your rush comes true.


acrylic and collage on paper-65x80cm

With an eye for a collage that adds action and a dose of mystery, “Mr. Z” takes off in any direction except the current one. This robot is the whirring gizmo of adventure, intuitive breakthroughs, and invention. Mr. Z is a very special soul going as far as possible from all those stupid things humans believe in!


acrylic and collage on paper - 65x80cm

One of the purest, most abstract pieces in the Robots series, this work stands as confidently as the subject — cockeyed and arms akimbo. The vibrant colors sizzle over the black background, and the various line work, from scribbles to scratches to circles and dots, all challenge the sanitized view of the robot.


acrylic and collage on canvas-90x120cm

The pixelated background creates a kind of cyber-fog for the subject to emerge from — the plasma pool of previous iterations of robots, perhaps. The colors are completely decentered, providing variety on top of the chaotic composition. This is the story of decoherence, of falling apart. Looks like evolution going backward?

“Cuba libre”

acrylic and collage on paper-65x80cm

My Momma often said ” Life is like a can of Cuba
This mixed media robot is built around a peso bill from the Republic of Cuba, burnt on the edge, perhaps by the operations of the machine. The soft, humanist coloring inside the blocky component parts of the robot adds character and dimension, while the bold colors excite the eye.

“The eyes should learn to listen before they look”

acrylic and collage on canvas-120x150cm

2971 knows how to look. He learned a very long time ago how to use his metal senses in a proper way. He is old and smart, and he is actually much better than many humans because he is in symbiosis with the Universe.

“We are all screwed”

acrylic and collage on canvas - 90x120cm

They try to scare us to screw us. How far will they go? Until we let them go! They watch us, they manipulate us.
It will be nice to wake up before it will be too late. Simple words for a simple action.

“Pura vida”

acrylic and collage on paper - 65x80cm

It is the art and the way to enjoy every single minute of life,
It is the art and the way to forgive,
It is the art and the way to live the present,
It is the art and the way to don’t fuck your brain.
I want to love you and treat you in a proper right way. Pura Vida forever!

“Journey of love”

acrylic and collage on paper - 65x80cm

This robot, with a TV belly showing an image of love in crisis, stands in a hot, red world. This is like an abstract Valentine’s Day card from both the far future and distant past — all revolving around that feeling that drives everything we do on Earth. This train going around the world and never will stop.

“Goon too soon”

acrylic and collage on canvas - 120x180cm

This celebration of rock star heroes from the past recontextualizes their powers of captivation and creativity through the character of the robot. While jamming out on stage, the robot creates a playful challenge to our traditional notions of “humanity” and “art.”
Homage for all those amazing Rock Stars goon too soon.


acrylic and collage on canvas-90x120cm

Sexually provocative and compositionally disorienting, Zoellin’s paint flinging and heavy laying come together around a Durex condom package, spilling out like a cheeky tongue. The confrontational piece is rounded out with scribbled numbers, labeling something we can never quite know.

“Money never sleep”

acrylic and collage on canvas-40x60cm

This robot’s body is blurred by scan lines that cut across the figure and stab out into the world. The arms flail in constant activity. Eagerness and urgency, but never remorse. Like an ATM come to life, this is a servitor of economic activity. The robot knows that money is just a tool. You can’t buy happiness or rent it. But he doesn’t really care, because he is the money!

“New painting”

acrylic and collage on canvas-cm


acrylic and collage on canvas - diptych - 120x55cm

Accompanied by the stirring words of Rudyard Kipling’s “If,” this painting is the heart of the Robot series: using the blocky figure of the robot to explore the human. We are all constructions, created from the expectations and experiences given to us. We are all expected to carry out the tasks we are told to do. Is poetry, and the impulse it represents, the escape route? Culture is exactly what distinguishes people from the rest of the living world on our planet. As long as we have and develop it, we will remain humans being.